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Go Girl Inspire
“I always believed that one woman's success can only help another woman's success.” ~Gloria Vanderbilt

Since I can remember I was always into fashion. I loved all the magazines, cut out pictures and made collages. I probably had more Barbie doll clothes than dolls themselves! 
You are asking yourself ,did I wear ratted bangs ,tappered high waisted jeans with a scrunchie in my hair..Of course..didn't you? 

I was one of the lucky ones that knew always when I grew up what I wanted to be, a fashion designer. The next Chanel, Donatella Versace..that was going to be me!

I went to school for fashion design and I got my first job out of college, like many of us do, not in the exact thing we went to school for. What does everyone say to you? Get your foot in the door! So that's what I did. Looking back now, 21 years later, I remember those feelings of being so lost, not knowing which way to turn. 

Lacked the skills of where, how to place my motivation and my interest. Have you ever had those feelings? You know deep down in depths of your gut this isn't what you wanted, expected and you are beyond disappointed , so you keep doing it. How CRAZY is that? Thinking the grass is greener at the next job, right? So this began my retail journey of moving up and around for my career. 

In the years to come thereafter ,I moved from different cities and jobs to keep my, so called amazing and glamorous ,career moving forward. As the years went on I fell deeper into the corporate daily grind and my motivation was less and less. Not taking good care of my mind, body and soul. I lost my zest for self care and improvement. Running on maybe 3 hours a sleep a night and I didn't stay motivated with the best of habits..or much of anything really. 
Can you relate? 

I missed out on parties with friends, holidays with my family and got myself into some pretty good debt doing retail therapy thinking that would be the answer, at least for the moment, to how I was feeling.

Then after running on empty for so many years, the worst thing happened. I was told that had the horrible demon, cancer! WHAT! I am only 28 years old. This can't be happening. I have my entire life a head of me.  I was so grateful to make it through this tragic event in my life. Do you think I made the change of my career and doing what motivates me and I enjoy?

NOPE!  Only a few short months later ,I went to work and many of us were called one by one into an office and we were told the company we were being let go. How could this be? I have worked until 10-11pm every night including the weekends. Battled cancer!  I gave up my life for this place. The feeling was like someone had pulled the rug from underneath my feet. Could life get any worse I thought?
“Rock bottom became the solid foundation in which I rebuilt my life.” ~J.K. Rowling

I moved to 3 more cities and jobs after my battle with cancer and getting laid off from my job. 
I would start a new job and the newness would wear off and I would be right back to the place I was before. Dreading going to work and working to be able to pay the bills. Along the way I tried so many different side gigs trying to find where or what my TRUE passion was.

I really questioned, is there really such a job or career that people really do enjoy it and find happiness in their work? From my first layoff in 2005, which I was hoping I would never have to go through again, it struck again in 2008.

Now I know what you are thinking? GIRL...GO GIRL GO! Why are you staying in this career? If you knew me ,I am a bit stubborn and determined to make this work! Whatever "IT" was at this point! I really wanted to get out of my industry at this point ,but I already had reached a decent income and didn't have the finances to take step down in pay, so I had to continue to look for a job in my industry. 

A coworker and a friend introduced me to LinkedIN and I was able to start doing some networking. I found out that I really enjoyed helping others find a job they were seeking more than I enjoyed looking for myself. A few months of being laid off I found my next fashion job.

The next few years were nail biting as I made it through several layoffs at other companies , I stopped counting around 5 at that point ,through the years. Not so glamorous huh? It is hard after two layoffs ,to really pick yourself back up and to keep a positive attitude, but I wasn't going to give up. 

I was a fighter and I got this! In 2013, I was living in Florida at that time working a crazy job and just had gotten back from a 3 week trip from China, Korea and Shanghai. I started to get extremely sick with hives, heart palpitations, dizziness 24/7 and all kinds of other crazy symptoms.

That was it! My body, my mind, my soul had said ENOUGH! I went to every doctor you could imagine and no one could help me or figure out what was wrong. They kept saying stress, or it's in your head! It was the extreme low time in my life.
I started doing lots of research on internet. Google became my best friend! I read a lot about functional medicine and acupuncture. So I was willing to try anything at this point. I was beyond tired of looking like a puffer fish and feeling like I got ran over by a bus!! This is where my journey of taking care began, but also seeing the power of self care. 

I started, from recommendation of my acupuncturist, by meditating for 5 minutes a day which felt like 50! I couldn't possibly sit still for that long! I have too much to do! Once I started, consistency daily with the practice I started to see the benefits. I had to trade in my running shoes for a yoga mat. I started going from 3 hours a sleep to 5-6 hours a sleep. Hey! I was starting to take care of me again!

In the years of trying to recover from this stress, adrenal fatigue...whatever this may be! I decided yet again I was turning 40 so it was time to head to CA and start a new life...yet still took job within the fashion industry , now at this point I truly hated it.
Within a year and half being in CA ,I got laid off from another job, broke up with an ex and relocated for another job in Miami area.

This is where J.K. Rowling says in her quote about hitting rock bottom..mine was yet to come.
Within 2 months of moving to Miami, I had gotten laid off yet again. 

I felt such despair, anger, heartache, every emotion you could possibly think all at the same time. My world came crashing down. I had zero motivation or desire to do anything.
Have you had those feelings? Where all your hope, dreams and motivation go out the window? 

“Success isn't about how much money you make, it's about the difference you make in people's lives.” ~Michelle Obama

Looking back now I am so grateful I was laid off after 2 months. That was the universe telling me that I needed to STOP.. and get help. I got myself into therapy , started going to a women's support group. I threw myself into helping me ,but then I realized that in my sharing, experiences and past , I was helping other women too! I started to enjoy it  and found the passion in helping others.

 It all started to come together and click for me. I started to do self care, yoga, journaling and seeing the power of helping others even when I was down and out.

I wanted to share my story with all you warrior women out there that think there is no help or you can't possible achieve your goals and dreams. I say "BS" and yes you can!:) Life is always going to throw us curve balls. It's how we deal with them and the choices we make thereafter. We feel like we have to stay doing something even though we hate and it doesn't make us happy. Finding your passion, what motivates you and helping others is living life not just existing. Which is what I did and for too long!!

I am so grateful for where I am at in my life right now. I am proud to tell you all that I am no longer in the fashion industry, a piece of my heart will always be with it, but now I have an online business that I truly love, helping others and I am motivated every day. I get to spend time with my family and not miss any holidays or big life moments with them. 

As for money, I am making more than I ever did in the fashion industry! Now that is truly exciting and sky is the limit. I even have time to go to the gym. I can work from the beach or the pool or Bali if I so choose! I had put this out there, in universe 2 years ago I wanted the laptop lifestyle and now I have it! I truly believe with help and support of other women, a healthy mindset with meditation, affirmations, healthy eating and being just in a "healthy" place was key.

I started Go Girl Inspire to help women see that YOU too can achieve the goals and dreams that you desire. Finding your motivation, getting a healthy mindset and discovering YOU.
Whether it be financial freedom, laptop lifestyle, own your business, spend more time with family you can make it happen!

As women we CAN have it all and help each other to get to where we want to be. 
What are your goals and dreams?
What are you waiting for? 

Sometimes just one persons story, can be life changing for another.

Your wings are ready :)

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